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     About Us!

We are the latest and greatest ice cream (Gelato!) van out and about in the Perth area. Providing locally sourced ice cream which is generously served in a sumptuous sweet waffle cone. You'll love our daily changing flavours. From the good old Creamy Vanilla to Mango Sorbet to Connoissier 's Cafe Grande! We are bound to have one of your favourites. Oh - We aren't called Sticks And Cones for no reason! We also have many of your stick style ice creams you have grown to love. Magnum's, Drumsticks, Connoissier Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream, Golden Gaytimes and all the way down to simple Icy Poles and ZOOPER DOOPERS! If you are feeling peckish, you can pick up a bag of chips, twisties, popcorn or maybe just a chocolate bar. It will all wash down with a cold soft drink or water. Don't have cash? Don't worry, we accept credit cards without a minimum spend!
We do events!  From kids parties to school incursions we'll be there.
Book us early for your next event.... Hope to see you soon!

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